Updated on August 1st at 09:15: Rymdkapsel is available on the Google Play Store now, too. So, any Android gamers with a penchant for strategy should be snapping it up right about now.

It'll set you back £3.29 on 'droid [buy], and we reckon it's worth every penny.

Original story follows...

Some games have names that are easy to remember. Angry Birds, Where's My Water?, and Monster Shooter, to name but three.

Then, there are game names like Rymdkapsel. What's one of those, then, eh, bub??

But what's in a name, anyway? In this case, Rymdkapsel's a Silver Award-winning PS Mobile minimalistic strategy game.

At review, we described Grapefrukt's game as "gloriously entertaining, and a novel take on the RTS genre".

At midnight tonight, UK and US iOS gamers are gonna get the chance to find out precisely why this unpronounceable strategy game is so entertaining.

In Rymdkapsel, you have to marshal the defences of your spaceship, playing with the brightly coloured tiles and shapes in order to stop waves of invaders destroying your vessel.

Despite Rymdkapsel's minimalist design, it is a surprisingly deep experience. Grapefrukt reveals the game's intricacies and ideas slowly rather than lumping them all on your plate at the very beginning.

Rymdkapsel will go live on the UK and US App Stores at midnight this evening, and will set you back £2.49 / $3.99. If the iOS edition is as good as the PS Mobile version, that's a bargain.

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