Will we ever get sick of shooting zombies? Yes. Yes, we will. Or have done, in fact.

If you're still (remarkably) itching for some zombie slaughter, however, you can pick up a mighty fine twin-stick undead blaster for free right now.

You see, Mountain Sheep has slashed the price of its Bronze Award-winning Minigore 2: Zombies to zip to celebrate the fourth anniversary of its Bronze Award-winning shooter Minigore.

At review last December, we described Minigore 2: Zombies as "a reassuring sort of a game", and stated that it "follows a simple pattern, only rarely shifting away from it, wrapping you in a blanket of comfortable, familiar super violence".

Minigore 2: Zombies is a (nearly) top-down twin-stick shooter in which you run around an arena populated by the vilest hellspawn. You'll need to grab ammo packs and power-ups if you want to send them all back to the rancid graves whence they came.

Minigore 2: Zombies is a slick piece of arcade violence. You'll definitely get a good few afternoons' worth of entertainment from it, sir.

You can grab Minigore 2: Zombies from the App Store for free [download] right now. And if you like beards, shotguns, and gory zombie death, we suggest you do so.

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