It can sometimes feel like every other puzzle game is a variation on the same theme - an array of colours and shapes wrapped together by some stuff about matching things together. And at first glance that's exactly what Blitz Block Robo is too.

Unfortunately, that's also what it is at second glance. It might shake things up a little with some frantic against-the-clock sliding, but there's still a distinctly stale idea underlying this venture.

It's fun, and it'll keep you playing for a while, but once you lay your iOS device down it won't stick in your mind for any length of time.

Blocky road

The game is a sliding block puzzle that sees you matching coloured squares in batches of three or more. You move them around the screen by pushing them either horizontally or vertically with a finger. Double-tapping a collection of blocks makes them disappear.

Different types of blocks entail different consequences when you clear them. Some burst apart and clear lines adjacent to them. Others perform Glitches, which shuffle the colours on the board and can leave you in a stronger position.

Once you've cleared enough squares in a level you're given a quickfire bonus round to try and earn a multiplier, before being dropped into the next board. A ticking clock can only be stopped counting down by clearing blocks, and once it hits zero it's Game Over.

Harder levels include bombs that explode if you don't press on them, and turn squares into greyed-out dead blocks. These can be cleared away by rapidly tapping on them, but that eats into the precious few seconds you have. There are three difficulty settings, and leaderboards to try and work your way up too.


Blitz Block Robo is fun, but it lacks content, and after a couple of hours you'll likely be getting bored with its frantic but vaguely repetitive gameplay. There's enough for the odd snatched game on the bus, but there's little depth beyond that.

This is standard puzzling, done well, but without anything to really set it apart from the multitude of other puzzlers on the App Store. It's solid, it's functional, and it's pretty much forgettable.