The sequel to Gamelion's Silver Award-winning twin-stick shooter Monster Shooter: The Lost Levels is available right now on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

The story in Monster Shooter 2: Back 2 Earth continues from where its predecessor left off.

You've got back home and your cat is safe, then, but now the aliens are invading and it's up to you to stop them.

Cue a surprisingly gory blaster set across a number of levels in which you use a wide variety of guns, mines, grenades, and mechs to destroy the invading hordes.

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The big new feature in this sequel is co-op play. You and a friend can team up to lay waste to the swathes of cute cartoony enemies and pool your resources to kill more efficiently.

The shooting itself is smooth and well balanced, with a lock-on function helping to counter the general inaccuracy of touchscreen controls. The bite-sized levels are quick and satisfyingly violent, and you earn XP as you murder your way through the game.

There's a big emphasis on buying new guns and equipment in Monster Shooter 2: Back 2 Earth, so if you're not a fan of the free-to-play model, you'll probably want to give this one a wide berth.

Monster Shooter 2: Back 2 Earth is available on the App Store right now for free [download] and on the Google Play Store for the same price [download].