Just when you think the zombie craze is dying down, it stumbles back to its feet, spraying infected blood everywhere.

The latest disease-spreading culprit to shamble onto the scene is the Unreal Engine-powered 2013: Infected Wars from Action Mobile Games.

The twist this time around is that the game contains a co-op campaign, thus enabling you to team up with your friends to take down the zombie threat with a variety of different weapons.

Although we're not quite sure right now how the co-op is actually going to work.

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2013: Infected Wars features 14 different guns, four unique classes of mercenary, and eight different maps.

In terms of the classes, well, Field Support mercenaries are all about getting up close and personal; Marines prefer automatic rifles and putting some distance between them and the hordes; Snipers hide in the shadows and snipe; and Sappers are experts in explosives and rocket launchers.

There's lots of violence, boss fights, and a persistent character development system in 2013: Infected Wars. That final element means that your mercenary grows a little bit sharper every time he mows down a couple of hundred zombies.

There are other creatures to kill, too, from angry stubby-looking dogs to towering abominations with spiky carapaces. But mostly zombies. Lots of zombies.

2013: Infected Wars is currently going through Apple's App Store review process, so it should be shuffling onto the App Store in the coming weeks. We will, of course, update you with any new information on the game as soon as we get it.

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