Last month we mentioned that the Gold Award-winning Ridiculous Fishing would receive a huge update that would double its content.

That update hasn't arrived yet - but the latest tweak to the hit fishing sim, Version 1.1, is available for download now at the tempting price of 'free'.

While the new update doesn't add hours of gameplay, it'll make the hours you spend with Ridiculous Fishing more enjoyable as you can now replace the soundtrack with whatever music you'd like.

The update also includes a few new items - like the knife - which allows you to cut your fishing line to instantly restart an attempt.

The daily Maelstrom

Update 1.1 also changed the fish patterns in the mythical, maddening maelstrom and introduced the all-new 'Friend Fishes'.

All of this should help provide more reason to spend your time plumbing the depths of Ridiculous Fishing's ocean of content - or it should at least help tide you over until the massive update comes out later this year.

And finally, if you need a bit of a hand with Ridiculous Fishing, be sure to check out our handy guide.

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