For 24 hours only, you can download FDG Entertainment's excellent Donkey Kong Country-style endless-runner Banana Kong from the App Store completely free of charge.

In Banana Kong, you take control of a lowly ape and attempt to jump, bounce, and swing your way through jungles and across treetops in order to outrun the deadly banana avalanche that's hot on your tail.

Your path to safety is littered with numerous obstacles and hazards (like massive boulders and snappy crocodiles), but you can enlist the help of your jungle friends if you find yourself in a tough spot.

You can ride on the back of a boar, for example, or grab hold of a toucan and take to the skies.

There are hundreds of endless-running titles on the App Store, but very few of them are worthy of a Pocket Gamer Award. Banana Kong is one of them.

At review, you see, we awarded Banana Kong a Bronze accolade, and called it a "fine addition to the endless-runner genre".

Head on over to the App Store right this second and download Banana Kong for free. Go on. Stop monkeying around.

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