The release of a new superhero movie means the release of a new movie tie-in game, and the upcoming Thor: The Dark World is no exception to this trend.

Gameloft launched a teaser trailer for the upcoming free-to-play action game that reveals little in the way of details, but shows plenty of gameplay as Thor smashes, zaps, and hammers his way through hordes of elves and marauders.

According to Gameloft, Thor: The Dark World will feature over 100 missions for players to clear, so it should keep your hammer hand busy when it's released this autumn.

Mjolnir-ly there

We don't know much more about Thor: The Dark World past the fact that it looks a bit like Diablo (or Torchlight) and that it'll probably have a big, nasty boss or two to pummel if the trailer below is anything to go on.

We also don't have an official release date for Thor: The Dark World, but Gameloft says it will release the game for iOS and Android "in conjunction with the theatrical film from Marvel this fall."

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