All the way back in 1987, Games Workshop released a pretty unique boardgame called Chainsaw Warrior. It was special, because it pitted players against the clock - rather than other gamers.

Why the history lesson? Well, because Bristol-based developer Auroch Digital (of Endgame: Syria fame) will bring Chainsaw Warrior to the iPhone and iPad, as well as Android-powered devices, later this year.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Chainsaw Warrior is a solo game. You take on the role of the eponymous hero as you attempt to save New York from destruction at the hands of dark forces from another reality.

Your aim is to work your way through hordes of zombies and mutants, locate the source of the evil, and wipe it off the face of the planet.

Bloody business

"It's a game I played as a kid and loved," Tomas Rawlings, Auroch Digital's design and production director, said. "I see it as the precursor of first-person shooters when video games technology could not really do the first-person or the shooting."

"For me this is not only a great game, but a classic of boardgame design - a solo shooter that really challenges the player."

Look out for Chainsaw Warrior at the end of summer. It'll be available to download for iPhone, iPad, and any Android devices you have lying around.

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