Android owners: it's time to jiggle the emergency whittler and set the technothrostle to 'three'. Madcap multiplayer starship sim Spaceteam has just crash-landed on Google Play.

In this game, you and up to three pals are cast as bridge commanders on a doomed spaceship, which is currently escaping from the explosive supernova of a dying star.

Each player is given a unique ship computer, with a random mess of buttons, switches, sliders, and dials. And each player is given some time-sensitive, unintelligible technobabble command, like "set granular putty to two".

If you don't have a granular putty dial on your screen, you've got to find the player who does and tell him to twirl it. Hopefully, in time.

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It becomes a game of quick-fire coordination; crumbling social order; and shouting about multispoons and hynopthrusters like mad space loons with a rapidly failing oxygen supply. It's intense, it's deeply silly, and it's utterly brilliant.

In our Gold Award review of the iOS version, we said, "this is a game that anyone can play, that anyone can enjoy, and that everyone should download".

Spaceteam for Android is free, but you can buy a pair of 62p / 99c challenge packs (only one person on the team needs to buy a pack for everyone to play), and some new outfits, ship designs, and symbols.

You can hook up with other Android owners via Bluetooth or wi-fi. Oh, and if you choose the latter, you can even play cross-platform with those filthy iPhone and iPad owners.