Every two weeks, I like to look back at the three big topics of conversation that got everyone talking over the past 14 days. And mention them here.

This round-up also gives me an opportunity to share with you the latest happenings from around the world of Pocket Gamer.

So, yeah, competitions you might have missed, big features we've launched. That sort of thing.

In this particular round-up, there's football, cybernetically enhanced humans, and the definitive list of the best iOS games ever made.

Tuck in!

The Big Three

1. Deus Ex: The Fall encourages hacking, but only in-game:

Eidos-Montréal implemented an anti-jailbreaking system into Deus Ex: The Fall which prevents owners of a hacked iOS device from firing their weaponry.

(The company actually removed this anti-jailbreaking measure last Thursday, but the debate remains valid.)

Funem thought the anti-jailbreaking measure was "Funny. Stupid, but funny. Jailbroken does not mean you steal apps, which is the only reason they would make the game act this way."

Martin Caine brought up a very good point: "If they've kept the Deus Ex experience that was found in previous games you should actually still be able to complete the game without firing a single shot."

Puilamcupcake, meanwhile, was pleased the developer had taken such an aggressive stance: "I hope every app from the App Store will have this restriction built in."

What's your opinion?

2. You continue to be excited for the new FIFA:

The build-up to the big FIFA 14 kick-off continued on our pages with this hands-on preview. The new touchy-feely control scheme proved divisive.

Josh Dombro noted: "the touchscreen wasn't meant for virtual buttons, so anything new is welcome", while Contest Chris claimed that "this is nothing less than blasphemy."


Curtisrshideler thought that this was the perfect opportunity to share something personal, though: "I get so attached to my club's kits and trying to win the same competitions that they won. I only wish they could offer previous kits in the latest version."

I do, too, pal. I do, too.

3. We tell you what the top 50 iOS games of all time are:

The App Store turned five years old last week, so we thought we'd celebrate the occasion in a number of ways. One of them was a rundown of our top 50 iOS games ever. You can see the top 10 here.

"Didn't expect to see Peggle and Tilt to Live so high, but wholeheartedly agree with most of these," Mr_bez said.

JoeGreen284 noted that he was "glad The Walking Dead is at the top of this list. I would also put in a late entry of Deus Ex: The Fall. It truly is redefining what's possible on a mobile platform for the more hardcore gamer."

Not everyone agreed with our selections, mind...

"I don't see the point of putting games like Monkey Island, Broken Sword, Walking Dead on this list. They are great games, but they are ultimately just ports," Eriatarka stated.

What are your favourite iOS games of all time? Let us know here.

Get stuck in!

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