The Gold Award-winning RPG Shin Megami Tensei IV hit the shelves and eShop in North America yesterday, and Atlus has given early players yet another reason to celebrate.

Namely, there are now three sets of DLC missions available for download.

The first set, Visage Pack, is free and presents you with three delivery quests which reward you with special helmets that change your character's hair colour and style.

The second set of quests, White Samurai Apparel, is free for a limited time and follows the same delivery quest trajectory with exclusive White Samurai armour pieces (body, leg, and head) available as the rewards.

Each delivery quest requires 10 Life Stones, so they're not too hard to complete even at lower levels - and they'll provide you with some eye-catching armour pieces as well.

The final DLC quest, Experience the Afterlife, costs $1.99 (~£1.49) and allows you to unlock a special demon for fusion - Fairy Oread, a reskin of Napaea - while you collect bonus experience-giving items for your party.

To download these quests, select "Add-On Content" at the bottom of SMT IV's main screen and select the quests you'd like.

Once downloaded, the missions will be automatically added to your gauntlet's quest list.