Early last month, we reported that Capcom was bringing console franchise Dragon's Dogma to the PS Vita in the form of a free-to-play online-only strategy-RPG title called Dragon's Dogma Quest.

We now know that this spin-off will be released on iPhone and iPad, too.

On consoles, Dragon's Dogma is a massive action-RPG set in a gorgeous-looking fantasy world. It features real-time battles and an interesting leveling-up system that allows you to train allies called Pawns.

Dragon's Dogma Quest, on the other hand, couldn't be more different.

You see, this spin-off is a 2D multiplayer strategy-centric RPG in which you team up with other players's Pawns, and trudge through dungeons defeating enemies as you attempt to gain experience.

According to Japanese magazine Famitsu, Dragon's Dogma Quest will be released on Vita sometime this autumn. We presume an iPhone and iPad version won't be too far behind.