Bronze Award-winning board game adaptation Talisman: Prologue HD has just been updated for iOS and Android, giving you six new characters to play in your adventure to find the crown of command.

All of the characters have their own series of quests to complete, so there's hours of extra gameplay here if you're a devoted Talis-fan.

The characters on offer include the Amazon (who lets you roll two dice for movement and can try lost or drawn battles again) and the Minotaur (who can stampede, adding his movement roll to his strength in battles).

Then there's the Sprite, the Sage, the Vampire Hunter, and the Leprechaun, all of whom offer different stats, skills, and levels of facial hair.

You can check out images of all the new characters in the gallery at the top of the page.

It might not be the multiplayer option that we've all been clamouring for, but if you enjoyed the first chunk of Talisman: Prologue HD then there's a lot here to get your fangs into.

The update is live on the App Store right now, and it should be up on the Google Play Store sometime later in the day.