We suspect that most Pokemon fans have their attention spans trained squarely on October and the release of Pokemon X and Y, but there's plenty of Pokemon fun to be had this summer in the UK.

The 'Pokemon Adventure Tour' is coming to a handful of UK events starting on July 13 and will be split into three gaming-focused 'zones' for fans to experience.

The Pokemon Battle Zone is for Pokemon Black and White 2 players looking to trade and battle, while the Pokemon Game Zone will host a selection of playable 'mon titles for players to try like Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, Pokemon Conquest, and Pokemon Dream Radar among others.

Finally, the Pokemon Fun Zone will let you get your face painted like your favourite character and take a picture with Pikachu. If that doesn’t sound like a 'Fun Zone' to you, you can also kick back in the Pokemon Lounge and watch some episodes from the popular animated TV show.

The Pokemon Adventure Tour will be stopping at the following events in the UK this summer:

via DigitalSpy