At first glance Jewel Bubbles seems like nothing more than a complete carbon copy of Bejeweled with a little makeover – or makeunder, as the case may be.

However, that's the wrong approach to take as Inlogic Software has stuffed Jewel Bubbles with great ideas that let it stand apart from the match-three king.

Bubbling with fun

It offers up five different modes to play with from the start, and each one offers a pleasingly distinct experience.

Infinite and By The Clock modes provide the most vanilla experiences, adhering to genre conventions of matching three or more bubbles to clear them from the board.

Escape mode has you liberating bubbles bound by a ring by matching them into chains before they steadily rise to the top of the screen at the end of each timed turn.

Downfall is perhaps the opposite of Escape as you work to clear space on the board for diamonds to reach the bottom of the screen.

However, my favourite mode has to be Blocker. Here you need to clear all the squares that encase bubbles by including them in a match. It's simple, yet highly addictive as you begin to deconstruct the background patterns.

The best thing about Jewel Bubbles is that there's something here for any match-three or puzzle aficionado.