Settlers of Catan fans, this one's for you.

Bézier Games is bringing its 2013 Mensa-select winning city-builder Suburbia to iOS and Android soon.

Pocket Tactics (no affiliation!) reports that the latest cerebral board game to make its way to mobile is set to be unveiled at GenCon in August and will come out for iOS before it sees a release on Android.

Civic duty

Suburbia plays a bit like a cross between Sim City and Settlers of Catan, as each player's goal is to transform a small city into a thriving metropolis using hex-shaped building tiles.

By balancing residential, commercial, civic, and industrial areas along with tourism-generating points of interest, each player tries to wind up with a larger population than their opponents in order to win.

There's no word on when Suburbia will make its way to the App Store or Google Play just yet, but we'll keep you updated on news of its release as soon as we have more to report.