I recently got the chance to chat with indie developer David Frampton (a.k.a. Majic Jungle Software) about the future of The Blockheads.

During the interview, Frampton revealed that he's working on an Android version of his popular Minecraft-inspired build-'em-up.

"I've been working with the Canadian studio Noodlecake on an Android port of The Blockheads for a few months," Frampton said.

"It's a big project, and it has got even bigger with all the updates I've released since Noodlecake started work on the 'droid port.

"It's taking a while, but it's coming together and shouldn't be too far away now."

We loved the iOS version of The Blockheads when we reviewed it back in January.

We gave it a glittering Gold Award, in fact, and noted that it's a game that "prizes exploration and creativity above all else".

We even called it a "great way to waste a couple of days". There you have it, then: weekend sorted.

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