If you haven't already played The Blockheads, you really, really, should.

It's a ridiculously fun Minecraft-inspired 2D build-'em-up in which you explore randomly generated worlds. Along the way, you get to mine, err, craft, and build pretty much anything you like.

The Blockheads has been available on the App Store for a while, but its creator recently updated it with a multiplayer mode. This enables you to get dirty with 32 other budding builders.

We recently got a chance to chat with David Frampton, a.k.a. indie developer Majic Jungle Software, about his present and future plans for The Blockheads.

Pocket Gamer: The Blockheads appears to be influenced by the likes of Minecraft and Terraria. Is this the case? Did any other titles serve as direct influences for you?

David Frampton: I've never played Terraria, but Minecraft is definitely an influence.

When I started making The Blockheads, I thought it was going to end up as something totally different. Throughout the development process, I was playing and really enjoying Minecraft, and so it did influence the direction.

I was careful to keep The Blockheads a unique experience, though, and it definitely has its own 'thing' going on.

The Sims was another key influence, and, to a lesser degree, Civilization. Even World of Warcraft and StarCraft have helped shape the game.

If you look on Google Play, there's an unofficial The Blockheads fan app. Will you eventually release The Blockheads on Android or any other mobile platforms?

I've been working with the Canadian studio Noodlecake on an Android port of The Blockheads for a few months.

It's a big project, and it has got even bigger with all the updates I've released since Noodlecake started work on the 'droid port.

It's taking a while, but it's coming together and shouldn't be too far away now.

You recently updated The Blockheads with a massive multiplayer element. Was this something you always planned on adding or was your decision based on user feedback?

It was my intention to have good multiplayer support before The Blockheads even went live, but I hit a few problems and decided to launch it with only two-player Game Center support. You know, to get the game out sooner.

But it was definitely always a goal to offer persistent worlds for many players at some point, and it's great to now have that feature available.

It's amazing to see what players are creating together.

For how long to you plan to support The Blockheads with new content? Do you already have ideas for new content that you can introduce in future updates?

I love working on The Blockheads, and I have many ideas for future content and features. As long as people keep enjoying playing it, I'll keep adding new stuff for a long time yet.

There are huge areas in which I've barely scratched the surface, including new game modes, like a PvP option; new technologies and advanced transportation; greater blockhead customization; and whole new explorable planets.

The potential really is pretty much limitless. It's an exciting game on which to be working.

Do you have any hints or tips for new players who might be struggling to find their way in The Blockheads?

I'd say start small, and bring in a second blockhead only when you find you are waiting for your first blockhead to finish crafting things.

It's a good idea to set up a base near the portal, and not head off exploring until you have built up enough supplies.

Before you go exploring too far, make sure you craft a boat, some clothes, a few tools, and a chest so you can easily collect everything you find along the way.

One great thing to try is to use Game Center auto-match to join other peoples' worlds and get some new ideas for things to do.

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