There's plenty to smile about when it comes to new titles on the PlayStation Store for PS Vita this week.

Especially if you're a PS Plus subscriber.

We've learnt that games tend to arrive out of the blue on PS Vita, and this week is no different.

If these 'unexpected' games turn out to be nice surprises, then that makes us very happy. If they don't, well, we aren't.

Let's do this then, shall we...

Full-price releases

Kung Fu Rabbit is a twitch platformer in which you rescue kidnapped bunnies from something evil. Think Super Meat Boy-meets-League of Evil.

Kung Fu Rabbit was originally a mobile game... and a mightily good one. It earned a lovely Bronze Award from us, in fact. Here's the thing, though: it's a free game on Android, and costs £3.99 on PS Vita. Irk. Some.

In Pinball Heroes: Complete, Sony takes all the best Sony IPs - Uncharted, Fat Princess, WipEout, MotorStorm, and more - and builds pinball tables around them.

It's a pretty neat idea. For the £3.99 / $5.99 asking price, it may well be fun, too. Wait for our review of Pinball Heroes for Vita if you'd rather not fork out some cash right away, mind.

Total Recoil is a twin-stick army shooter. And once again, it was a mobile game in a previous life.

When we reviewed it on iOS, we thought it was "a dull, by-the-numbers twin-stick shooter." Don't expect the Vita version to be any better, I'm afraid.

Americans! Farming Simulator on PS Vita SHOULD be deathly dull, but it isn't. Go figure.

And you US cousins finally get the chance to download Velocity Ultra this week. It's a fantastic space shooter focused around teleporting across barriers and blasting enemies. That's $7.49 - well worth every penny.

DLC-wise, you can find packs of Starfruit for Fruit Ninja on the Store this week. These are essentially virtual currency for the game.

There's also a free LittleBigPlanet costume available, some free MotoGP 13 stuff, and some new Pinball Arcade tables.

How about some sales, huh?

Right now, you can grab Mortal Kombat for $9.99, The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest for $4.99, and Stardrone Extreme for $1.99.

PlayStation Plus games and offers

There are some great PS Plus deals on this week, you'll be happy to hear.

For Europeans, Ninja Gaiden S Plus is completely free, as is Unit 13. Both are worth grabbing, especially for zero pennies.

Meanwhile, Americans can snap up Mortal Kombat for just $5, while The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest is going for a mere $2.50. Noice!

PlayStation Mobile releases

The PlayStation Mobile section has been full of goodies over the last month, so this week's paltry selection is rather disappointing by comparison.

There's just one new PS Mobile title available. It's called Picbox. It's a free-to-try Picross game, and looks pretty nice.

And that's your lot this week. Back again next Wednesday!