Rovio's birds just keep on getting angrier. Well, and more powerful.

This time around, the original Angry Birds is getting the content update treatment, with the Finnish studio tossing in some new levels and special powers for your delectation.

This new update comes just weeks after Rovio teased new powers for Red Bird on Twitter. And those new powers take the form of Red's Mighty Feathers.

Given to Red by the Mighty Eagle himself, these feathers imbue Red with a variety of special powers. These powers help him tackle the 15 fresh levels that Rovio has included in the update.

On top of those levels, Rovio has included a new game mode entitled Egg Defender. As you might imagine from the name, it's all about protecting your eggs from oncoming waves of evil pigs.

These pigs are riding on Bad Piggies-style contraptions and present moving targets. Smashing up structures might be getting old hat, but flinging birds at oncoming vehicles is a whole new kettle of fish. Or birds.

There are 72 contraptions for you to destroy, and you'll need to be on your toes if you want to make sure none of them makes an omelette out of your potential fledglings.

The updated version of Angry Birds is available right now on the Google Play Store [download] and the App Store [buy on iPhone or iPad].

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