Updated: Original list by Peter Willington, Updated by Jupiter Hadley on April 7th, 2021.

If I had an infinite amount of money to hand, I'd build the jumping device from Quantum Leap so that I could leap into other people's bodies and put right what went wrong in the past.

The first thing I'd do is pop over to Nintendo HQ in the early '90s and demand that the following Game Boy demakes get made straight away. The second thing I'd do is politely ignore the mystified looks on the faces in front of me.

If you're not aware of the "demake" scene, by the way, it's a gaming movement led by designers that adapt modern games to the standards of older platforms.

The list of mock-ups, concepts, experiments, and full-fledged games you see below are all Game Boy demakes. And, yes, they all come from amazingly creative minds.

Come with me, then, as I take a trip down Memory Lane, daydreaming about what might have been...