Sometimes, you want more from a retro RPG.

Sure, turn-based battles and world map exploration with a plucky group of anime stereotypes is good fun - but few of these 16-bit games allow you to indulge in your nurturing side.

Kemco's latest Android RPG Cross Hearts Arcadia aims to change this by letting players raise a pet companion from egg to endgame.

Think Chrono Trigger crossed with a bit of Pokemon and some salted cashews, and you'll have a good idea of what to expect from Cross Hearts Arcadia.

Sometimes you feel like a nut

Events in Cross Hearts Arcadia kick off when a young boy named Nirva discovers a mysterious egg in an ancient ruin. Inside the egg is a Tylt, a fairy-like being who's on a quest to reach the fabled Genesis Sanctuary.

Shortly after setting out on their journey, Nirva learns that he can feed Tylt special nuts that will help him evolve into different forms each with its own unique set of skills and powers.

In addition to controlling Tylt's evolution, Cross Hearts Acardia also allows players to customize and create gear from recipes using its expansive "Forge" mechanic.

To celebrate the launch of Cross Hearts Arcadia, Kemco slashed the price by 50 percent - meaning, you can download the game for $2.99 / £1.99 if you act quickly.

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