Ed Key and David Kanaga's much-loved PC indie game Proteus is making its way to Vita (and PS3) this autumn, courtesy of developer Curve Studio.

If you have never played Proteus, it's a first person exploration game through a procedurally generated landscape.

Because the game dreams up a new world each time, discovering all of Proteus in a single play through is near impossible. It doesn't help the game unfolds over four seasons, so the clock often limits uncovering all of its secrets.

A whole new world

Exploring Proteus's world is done for more than just revealing it secrets however, with much of the appeal lying in its unique use of colour and sound.

While 3D, its graphical treatment gives a flat 8-bit look that makes the world look like a Commodore 64's attempt to render a landscape. It's beautiful, but alien. Musical stings accompany these scenes to further ensure each new area is fascinating.

Curve Studio is promising that this release of Proteus, which will be available for both PS3 and Vita with Cross Buy, will be even better than the PC original when it hits this autumn.

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