How much would you pay for a Gold Award-winning space-based reaction test with gorgeous retro graphics?

Did you say "nothing"?

Well, that's good, because that's exactly how much Hypership Out of Control will set you back right now.

Must brake

At review, we described Fun Infused Games's space dodger as "a tremendous port of a great indie game, and a must-buy on iOS."

If you ignored our suggestion then, now is the perfect time to rectify that mistake. Especially since it won't cost you anything to find out how right we were.

Hypership Out of Control is all about weaving your spaceship through an increasingly tough maze of obstacles and enemies.

The twist is that you're gradually speeding up all the time, turning the later levels into twitchy near collision-fests.

Throw in a great soundtrack, some clever touches, and more modes than even a veteran of the genre can easily handle, and you're left with a fine arcade package.

And it's free. Did we mention it was free? Well, it is. So, go grab Hypership Out of Control from the App Store right now. Because it's free. And that.