If you like retro games but you're something of a miser, the following news story may just be the best thing you'll read all week.

That's because DotEmu is hosting a Google Play garage sale, so all of its Android games are significantly reduced in price.

That means you can save up to 60 percent on three impressively old-fashioned touchscreen reinventions, two of which have won coveted Pocket Gamer Awards.

Chief among them is Raiden Legacy, a collection of four brilliant top-down arcade shooters that are just as playable now as they were when they came out in the early '90s.

We gave Raiden Legacy a Gold Award at review, and said that "for those who savour a challenge - and recall the days when the arcade was the premier venue to get your gaming kicks - this is a must-buy". That'll now cost you just £2.

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Next up in the DotEmu 'Sales Section' of the Google Play Store is the Bronze Award-winning R-Type.

If you're a fan of space-based side-scrolling blasters, then you've probably played R-Type or one of its sequels. And you probably loved every second of it.

At review, we said that "R-Type plays well enough to incite that pleasurable sort of pain that only a fan could enjoy". It'll set you back £1.

Finally, there's Another World, which we weren't so enamoured with when it came out a couple of years back. For £1, however, it might be worth your taking another look.

Limited run

DotEmu's Android sale will only last for a limited time. To make sure you get to the Google Play Store before the promotion ends, then, there will now follow a recap with some links...

You can grab Raiden Legacy for £2 [buy], R-Type for £1 [buy], and Another World for £1 [buy].

Right now, only DotEmu's Android catalogue is on sale. But we'll let you know if DotEmu starts slashing prices in the App Store, too.

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