If you're a fan of award-winning freebies (who isn't?), you'll be extremely pleased to read that Muffin Knight is now available to download from the App Store completely free of charge.

Muffin Knight is a fast-paced Super Crate Box-esque platformer that's packed to the rafters with single-screen arenas.

Your aim across these bite-sized stages is to stay alive for as long as you possibly can. All the while, you need to avoid enemies and collect any muffins that cross your path.

There are 18 different characters in Muffin Knight, but you can't choose which one you will play as. Each time you pick up a muffin, you see, your on-screen character instantly switches to another.

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At review, we called Muffin Knight an "addictive and alluring action-platformer with a unique hook and lots to unlock", and noted that it "comes highly recommended".

Interested? If so, head on over to the App Store right this second and download Muffin Knight for free.

If you have one of those new-fangled Android-powered Ouya thingies, by the way, you can now download it on that, too.

Happy gaming, folks.

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