Many historians view the Hundred Years War as a prolonged dynastic disagreement between the French and the English - but it's also a highlight reel of medieval warfare.

Strategy game developer Slitherine Software (of Conquest! Medieval Realms fame) recognised the potential to turn the Hundred Years War into an engaging strategy game years ago, and now it's brought that game to the iPad and a wider selection of Android devices as Great Battles Medieval.

In the base campaign of Great Battles Medieval, you take control of English forces under the Black Prince and lead them against the French in the early stages of the conflict.

But Francophiles needn't despair, as the French campaign is available as an in-app purchase ($4.99 / £2.99).

Getting Medieval

Both campaigns allow you to explore a free-form strategy map which lets you decide when and where to engage in battles.

Great Battles Medieval also offers a rich amount of depth and unit customization - with 20 different unit types and 100 unique squad skills to choose from.

Tabletop wargaming enthusiasts will also find the innovative "Battle Card" system a welcome feature, as it metes out battle-changing penalties and bonuses during the fighting.

Slitherine also slashed the price of Great Battles Medieval by 50 per cent as part of a launch sale, which means you can pick it up for $4.99 / £2.99 until July 11.

Android gamers take note: the new Android version of Great Battles Medieval is different from the Tegra-optimised version which launched on Google Play in 2011.

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