Nihilumbra isn't your typical iOS platformer.

I mean, it revolves around an intriguing story about a blob of black ooze trying to find colour and light.

And while its gameplay isn't perfect, it's still a hugely entertaing cerebral romp.

At review, in fact, we said the game "offers a unique, highly entertaining platforming experience".

Good news: for a limited time, you can pick up that highly entertaining platform experience for nothing at all. That's because Nihilumbra is now a year old, and it's time to party.

In the game itself, you are cast as a blob of darkness who escapes from a being known as The Void into the real world. The Void isn't too happy about that and decides it wants you back.

Cue around ten hours of platforming during which the world you've become so enthralled with is systematically destroyed on account of The Void's all-consuming quest to find you again and make itself whole.

There are special colour-based powers for you to collect that let you draw directly onto the world in order to manipulate various objects and build new platforms.

Nihilumbra is definitely worth checking out. Now it's free, you'd be mad not to. You'll have to be quick, though, because the game is only free until June 30th.

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