Just because it can, Plarium Global has updated its Bronze Award-winning iOS strategy game Total Domination - Reborn with a host of new features.

First off, you can now add Mutagen Barrels. These produce - yep, you guessed it - more Mutagen. With that Mutagen, you can create even more free Cyborgs. Huzzah.

You can now also build a Cyberlab, which enables you to recruit your friends as free Cyborg killing machines. Unless, of course, your friends already are Cyborg killing machines. In which case, good luck.

Plarium has also made some improvements to Total Domination - Reborn's user interface, and squashed a number of minor bugs. As if that wasn't enough, the Plarium team has also incorporated an FAQ section into the in-game experience.

If you're STILL struggling to dominate your opponents in this iOS MMO, make sure you read our recently published beginner's guide.

Anyway. You can now download the updated version of Total Domination - Reborn for free from the App Store right this second.