First up, did you see the League of Evil 3 trailer we posted yesterday?

How awesome does that game look?

I mean, it has sharks in it. If you've not seen it, I've embedded it below.

So, you know, watch it.

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While the fact that League of Evil 3 is going live on the App Store this Thursday is reason enough for rejoicing, Ravenous Games has given us another reason, anyway.

You see, Ravenous Games has decided to put League of Evil 2 on sale. And it's the best kind of sale. Yep, it's now freeeee.

That's right. If you've yet to play this Silver Award-winning hardcore platformer, you can grab it from the App Store for the same price as fresh air.

In our review of League of Evil 2, we said that it "takes the template set by the original, then builds a bigger, brighter experience on top of it".

Leagues ahead

If you're not familiar with the League of Evil series, let me fill you in. In these tough-as-nails games, you are cast as a muscle-bound secret agent out to stop the titular alliance from taking over the world.

Doing that mainly involves your leaping over spike-filled pits, dodging guards, collecting secret briefcases, and turning scientists into clouds of gore with a single punch.

If you've yet to experience the bite-sized carnage of League of Evil 2, now is the perfect time. It's free. What have you got to lose? Exactly.

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