Despite what some may say, everybody needs a hero when things turn sour. In Hero of Many, that's you.

You play as a ball of light lost in the depths of a cavernous world, and you have to lead a team of loyal tadpole-like creatures to the exit.

The game tells this tale without a single word or line of dialogue. Everything is conveyed through music, level design, and character behaviour. You can see the fear that your separated team members feel when being chased down by a group of enemies - and, gratifyingly, vice versa.

It's also incredibly simple to play, which means you aren't distracted by clumsy controls. You just hold your finger in the direction you wish to move in, and draw it away from your sprite to go faster.

Swiping your finger quickly sends your team off in that direction to attack enemies or shift obstacles.

A strange new world

Gameplay is only one half of what makes Trickster Arts's Hero of Many a joy to play. It's also an absolute treat for the eyes.

The stark monochrome starting world and the bold red, deep blue, and lush green worlds that follow employ a minimalist design that's oozing with character.

The characters themselves are also surprisingly loveable, despite their completely silent nature. You just want to ensure their continued existence, and you feel proud to see them come out of battles unscathed.

Hero of Many isn't entirely perfect, though - most problematically, it lacks the depth and variety to sustain your interest across its 26 levels.

That doesn't detract from the joy of the presentation and the gameplay while it lasts, but it's a shame that you end being a hero to quite as many as you do.