'Where's My Mickey?'

It's a question with which philosophers from Plato to Descartes have struggled. And, really, it's a question we ought to ask ourselves each and every day, in this mad, mad world.

Luckily, Disney has recently supplied the answer to this age-old query via a new silly physics-puzzler. Or, at least, given you the opportunity to answer it yourself.

In addition to solving the mystery of Mickey's whereabouts in this new interactive Disney experience, you'll get to deliver water to a tap, collect stars, and overcome some obstacles.

Where's My Mickey? is filled with hidden objects, tricky puzzles, bonus stages, and secret levels. In this guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know about the game - from the most basic concepts to the most well-hidden secrets.

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How to play

In terms of gameplay, this new Mickey-themed game is almost identical to Where's My Water? and Where's My Perry?

In each level, you need to deliver a bucketload of water to Mickey by digging a tunnel through the dirt and overcoming a number of nuisance obstacles.

Wheres My Mickey
  1. Water. Each level will have some suds for you to work with. It might look like a puddle, a rain cloud, or a tap. Whatever the case, you need to get it to Mickey.
  2. Dirt. Run your finger along the dirt to carve out holes, tunnels, and ramps for the water. You can only dig through soft dirt like this sand - the hard bedrock is impenetrable to your pinkies.
  3. Stars. Each level contains three stars. These serve as collectible bonus items. You can always go back and get any stars you missed later in the game.
  4. Mickey's pipe. This is the exit pipe. In each stage, you need to get the water to the exit pipe so Mickey can fill his bucket.
Advanced concepts Wheres My Mickey Wheres My Mickey

You can use rain clouds to collect and move water about the level. You can tap or hold your finger on blue cloud to make it rain.

Pipes redirect water about the level. Put liquid in the open end and it will shoot out the nozzle. Follow the pipes to see exactly where your water will come out. Wheres My Mickey Wheres My Mickey Gates move along their track when you splash water or a water-filled cloud into the button of the corresponding colour. Wind pushes clouds about the level. You might be able to form a wall to block wind, or dig out dirt to create impromptu wind tunnels. Wheres My Mickey Wheres My Mickey Lava is a dangerous liquid. It will result in a Game Over for you if you spill it in Mickey's pipe. Lava destroys buttons, cancels out water, destroys stars, and eats up clouds. It can be useful in certain puzzles, but must be handled carefully. Taps enable you to pour liquid out at your own pace. Just tap and hold on the faucet to spill liquid. The colour of the tap tells you what is going to come out - blue means water, red means lava. Wheres My Mickey Vines start out as baby shoots, then grow into giant beanstalks when damp. Pour water on them to build walls and bridges. Lava, on the other hand, makes vines shrivel and die.
Video walkthroughs When Life Gives you Lemons
Fanning the Flames
Growing Pains
It's a Big World After All (exclusive to XL)
Premium level packs

Van Goofy - Coming soon
Ship Wrecked - Coming soon

Hidden items

Certain levels have secret items hidden in the dirt. Follow this guide to find each and every one.

Just load up the level in question, and dig where we're pointing to get the item. Make sure you also finish the level to make sure it gets saved.

When Life Gives you Lemons
Wheres My Mickey Wheres My Mickey
1-4: To the Cloud 1-6: Look Both Ways
Wheres My Mickey Wheres My Mickey
1-10: Go with the Flow 1-13: It's Clouded in Here
Wheres My Mickey Wheres My Mickey
1-15: Closing in Fast 1-17: Wind Tunnels

Fanning the Flames
Wheres My Mickey Wheres My Mickey
2-2: Clean and Clear 2-5: Dissolve to Solve
Wheres My Mickey Wheres My Mickey
2-9: Cut Carefully 2-12: No Exit
Wheres My Mickey Wheres My Mickey
2-14: Cover for Me 2-16: Shields Up

Growing Pains
Wheres My Mickey Wheres My Mickey
3-2: April Showers 3-4: The bigger they are...
Wheres My Mickey Wheres My Mickey
3-10: Plant Impediment 3-11: They grow up so fast...
Wheres My Mickey Wheres My Mickey
3-13: Through Thicket and Thin 3-18: Overgrown

Bonus levels

By collecting the hidden items (as detailed above), you will unlock special bonus levels.

You control these in a very different way: you can control the wind with a tap of your finger, and move clouds about the level by holding your finger down.

In each stage, you need to force all the clouds to join up. Here's how:

Wheres My Mickey Wheres My Mickey Round 'em Up (Pictured left)

Simply force all the clouds to clump together. Tap near a cloud to form a waft of air which will push the cloud in any direction you desire.

Access Granted (Pictured right)

Tap above the top-most cloud to push it through the water streams and towards the centre of the screen.

Tap on the cloud to drip a few droplets of water into the button at the bottom. The two gates will open. Then, carefully guide the left and right clouds into the main cloud at the centre of the screen.

Wheres My Mickey Wheres My Mickey Firewall (Pictured left)

This one's all about timing. Wait until the two lava streams disappear, then quickly push one cloud into the other.

All 4 One (Pictured right)

Push the water-filled cloud into the button in the top-left corner. This will open the bottom gate.

Then, move the trapped cloud into the open. Move the top clouds away from the button and fire a single drop of lava into the button to open the main gate. Finally, bring all four clouds together again.

Wheres My Mickey Wheres My Mickey Windbreaker (Pictured left)

Guide the cloud in the bottom-left corner so that it joins up with the water-filled cloud. Let out loads of that water so the vine grows up and blocks the wind. Then, carefully guide the two other clouds into your main cloud. Easy.

Combination Lock (Pictured right)

Move the bottom cloud into the pipe on the right to fill the cloud with water. Then, jam the cloud into the green and red buttons. Move the top cloud into the blue button. Finally, stick all the clouds together to ace the level.

Secret levels

We've managed to find one secret level in Where's My Mickey? so far.

Wheres My Mickey

Simply go to the trophy cabinet and drag the screen down so you can see more of the wall above the cabinet. Drag it far enough, and you'll see a clock. Tap it with another finger to load up the secret "Coo Coo" stage.

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