It's fair to say that we've produced some comprehensive coverage of Animal Crossing: New Leaf here at Pocket Gamer Towers.

We've written a review of the game, kept a massive diary of our in-game experiences, put together a feature full of hints, told you how to make new clothing patterns by using your iOS device, covered the launch event, and, well, more.

But we're not stopping there.

Today, we're setting up a social club and trading post for all the Animal Crossing: New Leaf players in our community.

Club in

As you might expect, this page will serve as a central hub for fans of Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

So, yep, you'll be able to leave your Friend Code here, make requests for item trades, post pictures of your adventures, distribute QR codes for patterns, and share anything else you wish with the community.

We'll be highlighting the best art and pics we receive in future updates to this article. You know, to show off the work you talented lot have produced.

I have faith in you. No, honestly.