If you like gaming, zombies and literature, or any combination of the three, then this next deal will be right up your metaphysical alley.

For the next few hours, Amazon is offering you the latest Fighting Fantasy book, Blood of the Zombies, for absolutely nothing. It just doesn't get any cheaper than that.

Not sure if that's something you should be interested in?

In that case, I suppose I should also mention that we awarded Blood of the Zombies one of our highly sought after PG Gold Awards at review. We don't just hand those out willy-nilly you know.

You've only got 15 hours (at the time of writing) left to pick up Blood of the Zombies for free. So, quit shambling and get a move on.

Psst, you can use this link. I made it just for you: Fighting Fantasy: Blood of the Zombies.

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