Known for its work on console titles such as Heavenly Sword and Devil My Cry, UK developer Ninja Theory is now going mobile.

In keeping with its previous games, debut release Fightback is a fast-action beat-’em up.

Developed using Unity, it’s certainly a looker - with a strong 1980s theme - but our main interest was whether the touchscreen controls were going to be appropriate for all that action.

They are, and the reason is how they are integrated with the overall gameplay.

Because you’re not in control of moving the character around (effectively the game is on rails), the simple swipes up, down and diagonally transfer smoothly into kicks and punches.

Just in time

On its own, this wouldn’t make for a very interesting game as defeating the waves of oncoming bad guys is fairly straightforward.

However, to successfully complete each level - you’re fighting your way up various towers, which consist of multiple levels - you have to defeat them within the allotted time.

This gives the game a pressurised and more rhythmic feel as every hit you take wastes some precious seconds while your character regains their composure.

Providing you with a helping hand are enhancements you can purchase with in-game currency (including invincibility), although these are one-use items only. A more permanent boost comes via the firearms you can access.

Fightback will be released simultaneous for iOS and Android during the summer, and published by Chillingo.

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