The announcement of a new DLC chapter for the Silver Award-winning The Walking Dead was slid casually into Sony's massive E3 presentation on Monday night.

But fans of the game seized upon it like a walker seizes upon an exposed jugular, and while a few details about 400 Days surfaced online we knew these fans would want more.

So we dug a bit deeper and went over to Telltale Games for an in-depth demo of the first level of 400 Days.

Are you my zombie?

400 Days is a Season 1 DLC pack that bridges the gap between the first two seasons of The Walking Dead game.

It does this in a slightly bizarre, roundabout manner as it features five stories told from the perspective of five all-new characters. Because of this approach, it won't shed any direct light on what's happened to characters from Season 1 of the game.

Like the first season of The Walking Dead, drama and conflict between survivors takes center stage while the walkers themselves serve as little more than ravenous, undead set pieces.

Also, as the name of the DLC suggests, events in 400 Days span a period of 400 days before and after the zombie apocalypse.

Not all of the stories take place during the same period of time during these 400 days, however, but they all feature the same otherwise-unremarkable truck stop.

Pit stop

Telltale Games said it was aiming for an "if these walls could talk" approach with the truck stop and promised that the five disparate narratives will all wrap up in a "Pulp Fiction manner" that will ultimately explain what's been happening in the downtime between seasons.

From what we saw of the first story, which follows a young man named Vince on his way to prison, there will be plenty of tension, gore, and zombie fun for fans to delight in.

When taken altogether, the five stories of 400 Days will be roughly the same length as one episode from Season 1 - and it will cost roughly the same ($4.99 / £2.99) as well.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days will be released in July for iOS and the PS Vita. The PS Vita bundle will be available in August.

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