Chillingo has just published a trailer for Gloomy Hollow, a top-down adventure game with hundreds of quests, plenty of loot, and upgradable characters.

There should be plenty to keep you occupied there, then, when the game goes live on the App Store "very soon".

Developed by Finnish studio Skyrock Games and published by Chillingo, Gloomy Hollow involves your saving the small town of, you guessed it, Gloomy Hollow.

You'll have to shoot, smash, and slash your way through undead foes in order to retrieve the stolen Soul Crystals and restore the town to its former self.

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Your quest will take you through a variety of unique environments, from the murky Marshlands all the way through to the canyons of Red Rock.

For those of you who like to live on the edge, Skyrock Games has promised multiple difficulty levels. So, you know, you can always up the ante at any stage.

Given the isometric view in Gloomy Hollow and the promise of epic quests and loot, I can't help but think Diablo. Diablo, Diablo, Diablo.

We'll all be able to confirm my suspicions in the very near future, for Gloomy Hollow for iOS is "almost here".