Capcom has released some fresh details about two of the monsters you're going to be hunting in Monster Hunter 4 for the 3DS.

And both of them look like the sort of creature you'd normally cross a continent to avoid.

First up, there's the Zaboazagill. He / She is a giant shark-with-legs that's an evolved form of the Squagill.

This fearsome beast can spit out ice to freeze you, hide itself in frozen outcrops, and inflate itself to look even more terrifying than normal.

Then, there's the Kushala Daora, the Elder Dragon of the wind.

This cheery old beast can shoot out gusts of wind, has skin that's as hard as a metal plate, and can create tornadoes just by flapping its mighty wings.

If that wasn't enough, the Kushala Daora can also slice you with its razor-sharp claws. Lovely.

Alongside this new info about these two fearsome foes, Capcom has revealed that your Felyne companions are going to be buffed up and better prepared for battle this time around.

New roles called Trends will define what your Felynes do in battle. Felynes with the Healer Trend will heal, for example, while those with the Assist Trend will place traps and make a nuisance of themselves.

You can have a main Felyne and up to five Regulars, and you can even recruit different Felynes while you're out questing to aid you in your monster-slaughtering cause.

Capcom will release Monster Hunter 4 in Japan on September 14th. The Big C has yet to confirm a Western Monster Hunter 4 release. Hopefully, the success of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in the US and UK will sway its decision.