Sony has been rather busy this week, kicking ass and taking names at E3 in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the PlayStation manufacturer totally forgot to hit the "add PS Vita content" button back at its headquarters.

Which is why we've got an incredibly poor PSN update this week. We're talking seriously poor. We're talking abysmal.

You can't really blame the developers - anything that gets released this week will no doubt be lost in a sea of exciting new announcements from E3. But still, it's going to make this update rather short.

So here goes: one of the shortest PSN updates you'll see.

Full-price releases

Europeans! You get nothing this week. Have fun with that.

OK, you do get one thing: A Dead Space costume for LittleBigPlanet that costs £1.59. Enthralling stuff.

Americans! You get Flying Hamster HD for $3.99, an entertaining shoot 'em up that us Europeans have been playing since the start of the year. Get with the times!

Actually, the US store gets some pretty decent discounts this week too. The glorious Persona 4: Golden is now does to $29.99, while Sound Shapes is $7.49.

You get some DLC too - the aforementioned Dead Space costume for $1.99, and tons of Ratchet & Clank DLC on top of that.

PlayStation Plus games and offers

If you're an American PS Plusser, you get Sound Shapes for $3.75 this week, which is clearly a bargain.

That's about it though. See, I told you this week was bad.

PlayStation Mobile releases

The main PSN store might be bare this week, but PlayStation Mobile is still kickin'.

Jail Break is an endless runner that looks fairly amateurish. That has a price tag of £1.59.

Blinkin Blobs is potentially a little more interesting. It's a grid based puzzler about matching blobs together. That's £1.79.

And 0War is a space shooter that is free to download, although I don't know if it's worth even doing that - the screenshots look a mess.

And that's your lot for this week - back next week!