While it would be entirely unfair to just write this title off as nothing more than a carbon copy of Fugumobile’s earlier title Big Game Safari with a new skin applied over the top, the temptation to not repurpose Big Game Safari’s review is overpowering.

However Alien Safari does offer a different narrative, art style, and general tone.

This doesn't necessarily make it any better – nor worse – than Fugumobile's other title - it just means it's opened out to a different audience.

Space paparazzi

Placing you in the shoes of a pioneering astronaut set to make first contact with alien species on the planet Arian, the game sends you out to four contact spots on the planet to get snapshots of this new life form.

Armed with a camera and a special laser gun, you'll take candid photos of friendly aliens while blasting the attacking ones into oblivion.

It's beyond me why only one person would be sent on such a mission, but that's the case here, so once your life depletes to zero it's mission failed.

Controls are incredibly simple, letting you pan and aim with either the numberpad or the joystick (if your phone has one that is).

Switching between camera and weapon is done with a simple press of the '0' key, and snapping shots or firing off beams is handled with the '5'.

Alien Safari is an enjoyable game, even if it's little more than an sci-fi skinned version of what's come before.