Despite the complexity of its tracks and the size of its life-ending explosions, RedLynx's Trials series has always felt like it would be a decent fit on touchscreen devices. That's mainly thanks to its simple controls.

And we've haven't got too long to wait to find out if that supposition is correct, for RedLynx and Ubisoft's Trials: Frontier will be accelerating onto iOS and Android devices in 2014.

Ubisoft announced this new mobile Trials title during its pre-E3 press conference, and is marketing it as a sort of companion piece to the forthcoming Trials: Fusion next-gen console game.

To wit, you'll be able to check your console leaderboard position on the go in Trials: Frontier. You'll also be able to unlock content in one game for use in the other.

Trials: Frontier has a more cartoony style than its big brother, and will be set in both rural environments and urban areas. Yep, mesas and rocky outcrops will take the place of ramps and rumble strips.

RedLynx already has some pedigree when it comes to iOS gaming, with both MotoHeroz and DrawRace 2 impressing our resident reviewers over the past couple of years.

Hopefully, Trials: Frontier will continue that trend for RedLynx when the game surfaces next year.

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