Sony ended its E3 2013 presentation on a high note - soon PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita owners will be able to stream PS3 games to their devices via Gaikai cloud streaming service which Sony acquired shortly after E3 last year.

Sounds nifty, doesn't it? Unfortunately, there are a few caveats that might dampen your enthusiasm for the announcement.

First, Gaikai will only stream a limited number of PlayStation 3 games initially and the service will only roll out in the United States before moving on to the rest of the world. Eventually, the plan is to ramp up the program to include a larger number of games as it goes global.

And finally, the new service is going to launch for the PS3 and PS4 before coming to the PS Vita "sometime down the road".

Even with all those disclaimers, an official confirmation of the streaming service is just another bit of good news for the Sony faithful to enjoy as they wait patiently (or perhaps impatiently) for the beginning of E3 proper on Tuesday.