July 12th (or August 11th, if you reside in North America). Mark that date on your calender. Now.

Why? Well, because that's the date you can add Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (the fourth entry in Nintendo's popular Mario-themed RPG franchise) to your growing collection of 3DS and 3DS XL titles.

Set on an island near the realm of the Mushroom Kingdom and within the depths of Luigi's dreams, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team follows the lovable plumbers as they - once again - attempt to rescue a kidnapped Princess Peach.

If you want to chase down brand-new villain Antasma (who's a ghostly bat king, by the way) and rescue your pink friend, you must jump between a dreamworld and the real world, solving puzzles and battling enemies along the way.

Brawlers wanted

Naturally, you earn experience points every time you make it through a fight unscathed. You can use any XP you earn to improve your on-screen hero and to - among other things - increase his HP.

New to the Mario & Luigi franchise? Fear not: Dream Team features plenty of hint messages, an Easy mode, and a Slow Attack mode that will help you get to grips with the game's combat system.

You'll be able to grab Mario & Luigi: Dream Team for 3DS in Europe on July 12th and in North America on August 11th. Counting down the hours...

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