American developer 343 Industries has announced a brand-new addition to the ever-popular Halo franchise called Halo: Spartan Assault.

Halo: Spartan Assault isn't a big-budget first-person shooter for the Xbox 360 or Xbox One, mind.

It is, in fact, a twin-stick shooter spin-off for Windows Phone 8-powered smartphones and Windows 8-powered tablets.

You know, such as Nokia's excellent Lumia 920 blower and Microsoft's very own Surface slate.

According to Eurogamer, Halo: Spartan Assault is set somewhere between console titles Halo 3 and Halo 4, and revolves around Commander Sarah Palmer's rise from ODST to Spartan.

Across 25 missions (which should take around two hours to finish), you'll be tasked with completing a wide variety of protection; escort; survival; and seek and destroy assignments.

Along the way, you'll earn experience points, which will allow you to unlock new abilities and weapons (some of which are completely new to the franchise). You can unlock exclusive emblems for Halo 4, too.

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Halo: Spartan Assault won't feature multiplayer at launch, but 343 Industries has said it will consider adding it once the game goes live. The game will, however, boast leaderboards and weekly challenges from the off.

You should be able to grab Halo: Spartan Assault for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 next month for $6.99.

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