We first reported on dungeon-crawling collaboration Deep Dungeons of Doom back in March, when we were led to believe that it would be in the App Store "soon".

Well, just under three months later, Bossa Studios and MiniBoss Studios's game has finally hit the App Store.

Maybe, we should have been told 'soon-ish'.

The game itself is a pixel-art dungeon-delver in which you lead a lone hero into a series of dank caverns and hellish underworlds in order to slay monsters, grab loot, and wipe out the demons that are plaguing the land.

You start as a brave and rather self-righteous knight. As you progress through the game, though, you'll unlock the Witch and Mercenary classes.

Combat takes the form of simple one-on-one affairs. At your disposal, you have an 'attack' button and a 'block' button. By recording victories, you can you upgrade your stats, though the buffs are only valid in the dungeon you're currently in.

It's a deceptive system, sure. And you're constantly watching your opponents for their tells, waiting for them to attack so you can score a deadlier hit or protect that last precious hit point you've got left.

Once you've killed the beast against whom you're facing off, you swipe down on the screen to face the next denizen of the deep. It's less of a dungeon-crawler, then, and more of a 'dungeon-elevator'.

Deep Dungeons of Doom is available from the App Store right now as a Universal app for free. There's no sign yet of the planned Android version, but we'll let you know as soon as it surfaces on the Google Play Store.