There's really been no better time to pick up a PS Vita than now.

With plenty of exciting games to look forward to over the summer, and the news that you'll be able to play (almost) every PS4 game on the powerful little handheld - it's hard not to want a Vita.

But now, there's a whole new reason to consider purchasing one: if you order from Amazon, Target, Best Buy, or Walmart, you’ll receive a $50.00 gift card along with your shiny new handheld.

Bundles of joy

A bit of comparison shopping between the retailers is in order before you decide on which deal is right for you, however.

Amazon's offer is only good on the PlayStation Vita 3G Bundle - which includes a 4GB Memory Card, 1 year's worth of PlayStation Plus membership, and a Unit 13 voucher for $299.68.

Best Buy, on the other hand, offers a $50 gift card on the purchase of the same bundle or on the $249.99 Wi-Fi only Vita.

Those who order from Target will receive a $50 gift card if they purchase the $249.99 PlayStation Vita Lego Batman 2 Bundle which includes a Wi-Fi Vita and copy of Lego Batman 2.

Finally, Walmart is offering a $50 giftcard on both the Wi-Fi and 3G versions of the Vita - with no bundles to report.

Of course, the caveat to these deals is that Sony may announce a price drop on the Vita during E3 next week.

But if you don't fancy those odds, and are looking to pick up a Vita along with an extra $50 to spend on Vita games or accessories (or anything else if you're boring), now's a good time to buy.