This month, European fans of Fire Emblem: Awakening will get a chance to buy two more batches of downloadable content.

First up, there's the Future Past, in which Chrom visits an alternative future where our heroes' children are about to kick the bucket. Over three tough maps, you'll have to rescue your future offspring.

The maps cost £2.29 each. The Future Past #1 will be available on June 6th, #2 is out on June 13th, and #3 will hit the eShop on June 20th.

You can also buy the three-map pack on June 6th for £5.39. You'll have to wait until those aforementioned dates for those levels to be unlocked.

Fire Emblem Awakening

Europeans will also be able to download the Rogues & Redemeers (pictured) pack in June. Here, Chrom decides to aid the warriors of light - veteran heroes of the Fire Emblem series - in defeating the agents of darkness.

You'll face three challenging battles, but you'll be able to unlock the Limit Breaker skill and enlist characters Ephraim (The Sacred Stones), Cecilia (Binding Blade), and Ike (Path of Radiance) as playable units.

Each episode costs £2.29. Episode #1 will be available on June 6th, #2 will go live on June 13th, and the final episode's out on June 20th.

As above, you can bag the lot via a cut-price season pass for £5.39.

Perfectly Chromulent

That's not the end of the Fire Emblem DLC, though.

If European fans are going to receive everything their friends across the Atlantic got, there are still three packs (Lost Bloodlines, Smash, and Challenge) to go. Oh, and the insanely challenging Apotheosis map.

We'll keep you updated on those.

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