Riverman Media, the creative developer behind the Gold Award-winning Pizza vs. Skeletons announced its next mobile game, The Executive.

From what we've seen over on TouchArcade, it looks like it'll be a pretty standard office simulation game.

You dress up in a smart suit, gel your hair into a perfect part, and then proceed to punch the stuffing out of werewolves before kicking your way through walls.

Ok, so it's not much of a basic office simulation game at all - but it does sound pretty awesome.

Bottom line it for me

In The Executive, you control the CEO of a company that's been infiltrated by stealthy, business-casual werewolves.

Because Human Resources doesn't meddle with lycanthropes, it's up to you to save your company from the shifty shapeshifters.

Add some hand-drawn artwork to the oddball plot, and it's easy to get excited over The Executive. Unfortunately, you'll need to rein that excitement in - we're told to expect The Executive sometime in 2014.

We'll see if we can dig up some more information about what you can expect from The Executive in the week ahead. Until then, enjoy the trailer:

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