Updated on May 23rd, at 16:00: Combo Crew is now on Android, too. It costs £1.51 / $1.99 on the ol' Google Play.

Squids developer The Game Bakers will dropkick its new arcade brawler Combo Crew onto the iOS App Store at midnight tonight.

The game stars a trio of heroes - video game obsessive Parker, martial arts master Gina, and action movie celeb Dolph - who are being held prisoner in a giant tower. They must face off against hordes of enemies and fight their way to the top.

There are no virtual controls in Combo Crew. In fact, according to the game's press materials, "virtual D-pads suck". Instead, you'll use a handful of touchscreen gestures to fight.

So, you'll swipe over baddies to attack them; tap and hold to unleash a powerful combo breaker; tap the screen to counter; and swipe with two fingers to perform special combos.

Combo Crew has a full single-player mode with hundreds of missions, but you can also add friends to compete for high scores, or rescue one another when you're knocked out. It's asynchronous, and works across iOS and Android.

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The game will cost £1.49 / $1.99 when it hits the App Store at the chime of midnight. An Android edition should be along shortly.

Oh, and with The Game Bakers perhaps learning from Squids's dodgy in-app purchases (we said, "it's tough to get the balance right between levelling-up the traditional way and paying for the privilege"), Combo Crew has no extra costs.